Summer, Summer
To the first day of Summer! I've been waiting for this day to come since the start of last winter. The arrival of summer meant bathing in the sun, outdoor BBQs, drinks on the patio, spending the weekends at the beach, enjoying outdoor festivities, but most importantly, summer marked the day that we would finally get the keys to our home.
Romantic Lace
With summer right around the corner, I'm transitioning my wardrobe into more light and airy pieces. One of my most recent purchases is this sheer lace blouse from Express. The ruffly neckline and vintage lace exudes a sweet and romantic vibe perfect for date nights. I draw a lot of inspiration from Chloe's collections so I decided to style it with a jumpsuit and of course, my favourite Chloe mini drew bag.
4 Packing Tips For Your Next Summer Escape
I have a love / hate relationship with packing and cannot simply wing it at the very last minute. I take time to carefully plan out my itinerary for my trip and then decide what outfits would be best suited for the occasion. I figured that I would share how I go about packing now that I've returned from vacation — so without further ado, get ready for your next summer getaway with these packing tips and tricks!
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Cutout Culottes
Jumpsuit weather has finally arrived (although it has never really left for me because I try to make it appropriate for all four seasons). I just came back from vacation where I was baking in +25 degrees Celsius weather so it's quite refreshing to get a little bit of breeze. This in-between Spring/Summer season is especially great for this Dynamite jumpsuit because the crepe-like fabric is slightly thicker.
Statement Blazer
Every girl needs a white statement blazer. For me, it's this Zara one. I love the modern tailoring on it — polished but slouchy. I went with a minimalistic look and paired it with a simple lace bralette pair and faux leather pants. This is an after-work or weekend appropriate attire, either for a night out with the girls or a coffee date. In my case, it was the latter. We stopped by The Place, which is a flower shop that expanded into a café this Spring. The concept is quite brilliant and they are probably one of the first coffee + florists in Toronto (however, the roses that I'm holding here are actually borrowed and are not from The Place!).
Suit Up
As the weather warms up for Spring, I’ve started incorporating lighter jackets to transition over. Blazers have sort of been this classic chic piece that lives in everyone’s closet. It doesn’t make an appearance all of the time, but like everything else, there is a time and place for everything. I’ve had this Zara blazer for quite some time now which was originally purchased for work, but since I’ve shifted from the corporate world, it’s no longer a piece that is on weekly rotation.
Rose 31
When it comes to fragrances, the only ones I typically gravitate towards are those with sweet and floral notes. However, what I love about 'Rose 31' by Le Labo is that each spritz delivers a spiced woodsy note that's warm and inviting. There's a hint of rose in it which is light and refreshing, but it is also subtle enough that this fragrance can be worn by both men and women. It's a mix of feminine and masculine and is more dark than innocent.
Where to Stay in Old Montreal
It has only been a week, but I already wish that I was back in Montreal lounging around inside of Hotel William Gray with my best friend. To say that this is a beautiful hotel is simply an understatement. The charming boutique hotel opened its doors in the heart of Old Montreal last summer and has been a little hidden gem yet to be discovered. I love that they support local and have both a lifestyle clothing boutique and café situated inside.